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Merikans Patriotic Shirts

Merikans Patriotic Shirts is a company started by a group of people with the utmost respect for the U.S. Armed Services. We have family members that served in all Military Branches. 

At Merikans, our mens patriotic shirts & patriotic shirts for women are proudly designed with Veterans in mind and what they would prefer to wear. We are firm supporters of the 2nd Amendment and want to ensure America continues to stay free from Tyranny.

Our company believe that our best method is to spread our thought, opinion, and belief through the expression of our clothing style.

We will donate 10% of all our sales to various Veteran charities throughout the United States. This is Merikans way of showing our continued support to all Military Veterans who’ve served or gave the ultimate sacrifice to ensure our freedom as a Democracy.


Merikans Patriotic Shirts