Project Landon

ALL PROCEEDS from the Project Landon's collection will be donated directly to Landon and his Mom (Alana).

Landon was diagnosed with a brain tumor May 2015 and after undergoing back to back craniotomies, he suffered severe damage to his cranial nerves and his body. He has a trach, feeding tube, partial blindness in his left eye, lung disease, nerve damage, left sided weakness and paralysis in some parts as well as many other complications. He has been in and out of the hospital for almost 3 years now. He is a strong kid, who despite lifes obstacles, is determined to beat the odds of his prognosis. He loves all things jeep, legos and is a star wars fanatic so we created this brand to help Landon's mom with all of his medical expense and needs. ALL PROCEEDS will go to Landon and his Mom (Alana) in Chapin, SC.